Our purpose for the environment

The Australian Bureau of Statistics list the number of births for the Sunshine Coast last year as 3,535.

With each child using an average of 6,500 disposable nappies during babyhood and working on the current national average of only 5 per cent of those babies using cloth nappies, that means the Sunshine Coast birth rate contributes to 23,347,000 plastic disposable nappies into our eco-system.

Households with just one baby in disposable nappies, accounted for 50 per cent of the household waste and the nappies all ended up in landfill.

Disposable nappies have been around for about 50 years and every single one of them is still on the planet because the plastics in disposable nappies take 200-500 years to break down, long after your children, grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren will be gone. ​



Our Purpose for Health

We all know that disposable nappies contain toxic materials, with most made from non-renewable plastics, crude oil, wood pulp and about 30 different chemicals.

To name a few along with research, one is Dioxin, an extremely toxic by-product of the paper-bleaching process. It is a carcinogenic chemical, listed by some countries as the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals. It is banned in most countries.

Disposable nappies also contain Tributyl-tin (TBT) - a toxic pollutant known to cause hormonal problems in humans and animals.

Disposable nappies also contain sodium polyacrylate, a type of super absorbent polymer (SAP), which becomes a gel-like substance when wet. A similar substance had been used in super-absorbency tampons until the early 1980s when it was revealed that the material increased the risk of toxic shock syndrome by increasing absorbency and improving the environment for the growth of toxin-producing bacteria.

For the overall health of our babies, why only use disposable nappies? For convenience?



Our purpose for Cost

We understand that parents and child carers are busy. There may be times when it is more convenient to use a disposable nappy. That is why we are so passionate about providing our customers with this easy and accessible service, either to continue clothing customer babies throughout their whole nappy journey or getting them started with confidence to continue clothing their babies.

Our service is affordable and our luxuriously soft modern cloth nappies are gentle on your baby's skin.

Our cloth nappies differentiate from other cloth nappies and inserts, as they are made not only from soft Cotton / Microfibre, but Bamboo and Charcoal.

This is extremely beneficial to you, as Bamboo has a 40% more absorbency rate than microfibre and Charcoal acts as one of the worlds most natural, super liquid attracting fibres.

We offer a full service package to hire, clean and deliver all the nappies you will need each week at a low price of $35 per week. S

Special rates are given to Multiple Births and Child Care Centres (please contact our office for further enquiries).

Cloth nappies are also cheaper to use in the bigger scheme, as they can save parents up to $3000 for each child, over a period of two years when compared to buying disposable nappies.

Easy. Assessable. Affordable.​​


Frequent Asked Questions

FAQ Information

What areas do we service? 

​​​We currently service the whole of Sunshine Coast, covering areas from Caloundra to Noosa, includes Maleny, Montville, Cooroy and surrounds.

How much does the service cost?
There is a once off  $24.95 Registration Fee and then a weekly fee of $35.00 for the service. (inclusive of gst)  The initial minimum start up of our service is 4 weeks, with a renewal after this period being weekly.

How does the Service work?

After you've completed and paid the Online Registration Form, we will contact you within 3 business days. We will make a time which is suitable for you to have a Private Consultant visit with one of our consultants, to look at the full service kit and show you how to use nappies. Your Full Service Kit will be sent out on your booked start date of your choice (usually 7 days before your expected due date). Each week we will do TWO pick ups of your soiled nappies, with replacement of a sanitised set at every scheduled delivery day.

What am I provided during my weekly service?

The service includes a twie weekly delivery service to your door, plus all washing, drying, sorting and folding costs of the service kit.

​A hired service kit includes :

​  50 x Modern Cloth Nappies  

        (THREE SIZES: Premmie 3-5kg   OR  Newborn Size 4 - 7kg   OR   Full Size 5 - 18kg )

  50 x Day Time Bamboo Inserts

  10 x Extra Boosted Bamboo Inserts
  7 x Night Time Booster Bamboo/Charcoal Inserts 

  1 x Roll of 100 Bamboo Liners
  3 x Nappy Pail Liners - Dry Bags
  1 x Nappy Pail
  2 x Travel Wet Bags
  1 x Nappy Bucket Odour Control Solution, that you simply sprinkle on your soiled nappies for odour control 

 Twice per week all soiled cloth nappies are picked up, in exchange for a Fresh Sanitisied Set, ready to use for the following week.

Service consist of - Delivery, Wash, Dry & Assembled ready for your next delivery date.

How often and what time are nappies picked up? 

Our driver will come and collect all of your soiled nappies twice a week, on your 4th and 7th day of hire. The designated times of your delivery will be on noted on your Welcoming Letter.

A SMS will be sent to you as a reminder the morning of pick up, so you won't forget to leave out your Nappy Dry Bags for collection.

During the change over period on the 4th and 7th day, all soiled nappies are collected in the dry bag/s and you are delivered a clean set for the following week.

How does the 4 Week Trial Period work?

After your initial Registration Fee is paid and the Customer Details Form completed, we start you off with a minimum 4 week trial period of $35 per week.

One of our private consultants will contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit you, to show you the service kit and how to use it.

This will then get you started and giving you the opportunity to experience the full extents of our delivery service and whether you would like to continue with our on-going weekly care.

What do I do with the poo/solids?

We provide nappies fully assembled with your first roll of a liner included. When the time comes to change the nappy, tip the flushable liner and contents into the toilet or trash. The nappies must not be used without a liner. We may charge an additional fee if it is evident liners were not used. 

How much does the service cost?
There is a once off  $24.95 Registration Fee and then a weekly fee of $35.00 for the service.
The initial minimum start up of our service is 4 weeks, with a renewal after this period being weekly.

How do you sanitise your nappies and how do you check if sanitised correctly? 
We have been in the laundry industry for some time now and are members of the Laundry Association Australia (LAA) & Australian Nappy Association (ANA), where our nappies are washed according to Australian Laundry Standards ASO4146. 

We DO NOT involve the use of harsh chemicals or biologically "Hard' Ingredients, and FREE from phosphates, mineral acids, preservatives, no poisons petrochemicals, boron, enzymes, bleach, sodium chloride, sodium laurel sulphate (SL), palm oil, animal products, and synthetic perfumes.

Some nappy services choose to use Ozone technology for sanitisation, where O3 gas is infuses in the washing cycle.  However this sanitisation is not completely effective in removing all residues, proteins, bacteria and viruses without the use of a combined bleach agent and hard chemicals.  We use no bleach agent or hard chemicals, we choose to go completely "Green".

We use a chemical sanitation system to ensure all human proteins, grease, dirt, bacterias, and viruses are destroyed without the use of harmful chlorinated bleaches or the use of very high temperatures, using a biodegradable green cleaner formulae made for us by Chemicals International Laboratory just for our nappy service. Together we do micro bacterial testings for any bacteria and ensure that our nappies are washed & dried to a standard where non of these can survive.

Our TEST RESULTS always come back as 99.9% bacteria free!

The bio-degradable green cleaner we use contains high levels of biodegradable wetting agents and soil redeposition inhibitors to dissolve and hold laundry soils in solution. Prepared from ingredients that have been carefully selected to maximize both ecological and operator safety.  We have conducted extensive research and testings on perfecting our laundry washing processes to protect our customers. The biodegradable cleaner is widely use in hospitals and aged care facilities. Best of all its GHS compliant and "Green".

Our sanitation procedure consist of an initial rinse cycles or short wash before a heated full wash cycle, which we find gives a much better result as a lot of the waste is removed before the full wash cycle.  Then we wash in a higher temperature water using a heavy duty commercial washing machine on a long full wash cycle - more than 18 minutes, as we want enough water to penetrate the fibers and clean well, with a formulated bio-degradeable green cleaner which strips every protein, grease, dirt, bacteria and any viruses from our nappies and suitably safe for our baby's sensitive skin. 

Our standards exceedingly meets the healthcare and childcare industry, bringing sanitised cloth nappies to the wide community of the Sunshine Coast.

What are your nappies made from?

​​Our own branded nappies use waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) on the outer fabric with a fleece lining, super soft next to babies skin. The inserts are made from 2 layers of bamboo or 2 layers of bamboo/charcoal and 3 layers microfibre.  These fabrics are absorbent in wicking away moisture from babies' skin, helping prevent nappy rash.

How do you control odours in between the pickup periods?

​​As an immediate acting agent for odour control, we provide a 100% sanitary and natural powder that is formulated to help illuminate the odours caused by bacteria. This works by sprinkling the powder into the fully confined, sanitary bucket, which we provide. The natural powder is made of bi-carb soda and a eucalyptus powder.

Looking forward to more long term concerns regarding odour control, we would also like our customers to know that we chose to incorporate fibers of bamboo and charcoal into our cloth inserts, not only for their ability to maximise absorbency, but also their ability to filter odours. 

Just like a charcoal water filter, charcoal pieces can be used to absorb moisture and odour from the air in your home. Charcoal is also commonly used to remove fridge odours, and they definitely work in other rooms too. This is why we have particularly found that in a confined area (such as our nappy pails), it is extremely helpful in eliminating the smell of our babies urine. It is also important for us to note that no feaces is transferred into the nappy pails as they are caught by our bio degradable bamboo liners and disposed of after each change. 

How do you strip your nappies?

Our nappies are washed according to Australian Laundry Standards ASO4146.  Since these strict procedures are followed, we find the need to not have to strip our nappies. However, in cases where families have advised us that there has been any infection (thrush, etc) we take every precaution to sanitise our nappies to eliminate any bacteria or virus. The Process:

1) These nappies are sorted into a separate special treatment batch.  They go into a pre-wash and rinse cycles and then a normal warm wash cycle with no chemicals.
2) Then they go into a very warm full wash cycle, using our hospital formulated cleaner powder.
3) After the wash is done on a full long wash cycle, it runs continually through rinse cycles until there are no more bubbles, approx 3 rinses.
4) We will then line dry in the Sun  ☀️  for a few hours and then placed into a hot gas dryer for 3 minutes at temperature of over 70 Celsius.

5) A Micro Bacterial Test will be completed and recorded, before nappies are in use again.

Do you provide a service for Child Care Centres?

Yes, we provide a service for the Child Care and Early Learning Industry. We tailor each centre as an individual, where your cloth nappy servicing will fit into your centre easily with no need to change your routine. We provide everything for your centre and there will be nothing for you to buy.  This will include up to:

1500 x Modern Cloth Nappies (choice of colour/print just for your centre's use) 

1500 x Bamboo Inserts

Nappy Bin Wet Bag Liners (for each classroom)

Nappy Bins (for each classroom)
Trolley Storage Units

We understand the strict hygiene standards of your industry. We launder to exceed the laundry industry standards ASO4146.  We do regular micro bacterial testings on our nappies, inserts and machinery.  The results have showed 99.9% bacteria FREE every time! 

Call our office for a personal consultation to discuss transitioning your centre and for corporate rates.

During this consultation, ask us for a TRIAL SERVICE before your centre commits to transition to using our cloth service.

Do you offer any discounts for Multiple Births?

Yes, we provide a generous discount to Multiple Birth families.

Twins - First Child Service $35 per week, Second Child Service $17.50 per week, a 25% DISCOUNT for TWINS.

Triplets - First Child Service $35 per week, Second Child Service $35 per week & Third Child Service is FREE.

Quadruplets - We will provide a nappy service for every child after the Third Child for FREE.

Call our office for a personal consultation to discuss your requirements.