Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Hire Service

The terms and conditions are between Cottontail Nappy Service Pty Ltd (Here in after referred to as Cottontail) and Customer.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any of the products or hire services provided by Cottontail.

The undersigned ("Customer") use of Cottontail services are subject to the compliance and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below.

By finalizing the purchase or renewal of any Cottontail service, the Customer automatically agrees to the service Terms and Conditions.


a.Cottontail will provide the Customer with hired Service Kit for all of the “Hire and Laundered” services. This Service Kit is at no additional cost to the Customer when they sign up. There is only a once-off registration fee and form to be completed before service commences.

b. Each Hired Service Kit includes the following (Newborn Kits are tailored to meet your family requirements, up to 70 nappies per week):

50 Modern Cloth Nappies

50 Bamboo Inserts

10 Extra Boosted Bamboo Inserts
7 Night Charcoal Booster Inserts
100 Flushable Liners
1 Nappy Pail with a secure lid
3 Dry Pail Bags
2 Travel Nappy Bags

1 Odour Eliminator Solution

c. All products outline above, excluding the flushable liners, will remain the property of Cottontail and must be returned upon completion of the service.

a. Cottontail will provide Pick-Up & Delivery services for the Customer on a twice per week basis, on the 4th day a pick up and the 7th day a pick up & drop off.

b. The exact Pick-Up and Delivery location must be provided by the Customer and must be guaranteed by the Customer to be secure.

c. The Customer is liable for any loss incurred via theft or damage of Cottontail Service Kits, this cost will be charged to the Customer.

d. All deliveries are conducted between the hours of 9am-5pm, unless otherwise notified of a change. 

a. Cottontail reserves the right to determine the pick-up and drop-off times at its own discretion.

b. Customer must place all used nappies, inserts and/or travel wet bags and in the Wet Bag provided before the relevant Pick-Up time.

c. Customers must place the Wet Bags for collection on Pick-Up days by 9am on collection day.

d. A clean Service Kit will be left in there place (after the first pick up day).

e. Please note that scheduled Pick-Up Days will not be rescheduled without prior notice to the Customer.

f. Should a Customer not leave out the items on Pick-Up Day, the Customer forfeits that week’s nappy service and will be charged for the weekly amount as normal; pick up will resume on the next Pick-Up Day. Exceptions to this are at the sole discretion of Cottontail management.

a. Cottontail reserves the right not to offer delivery services on Public Holidays.

b. Customers will be notified in writing via email and/or SMS message if the Pick-Up day is to be postponed due to a Public Holiday.

c. The delivery service will then be performed either on the next available business day or the business day prior to the Public Holiday.

d. Changes to the Delivery Schedule as a result of Public Holidays will be communicated at least 7 days in advance to the Customers.

a. Customers are required to book and purchase an initial minimum period with Cottontail for the services as follows:
                Initial Start Up Service – 4 weeks

b. Customers whom have chosen to renew their subscription contract with Cottontail will be required to purchase additional services within the website or contacting Cottontail via email or phone, in advance, for continued services provided by Cottontail.

c. Cottontail is under no obligation to provide any services to a Customer not fully paid for by the Customer before their scheduled delivery day.

All prices are inclusive of GST.

a. The following list, which constitutes the Notice of Restrictions, shall apply to all Customers, without exception:

b.Cottontail will use reasonable efforts to try to ensure that its cleaning service is of the highest hygienic standards possible in according to the Australian Laundry Standards.

c. Items serviced by Cottontail will be washed free from harsh detergents, chemicals, chlorine bleaching agents or solvents.

d. Whilst Cottontail take all possible measures to ensure our nappies are washed specifically for sensitive skin, Cottontail will not be held responsible for any rashes, marks or skin reactions in the unlikely event that they occur on children using the Cottontail Service Kits.

e. All Customers are required to inform Cottontail if their child has thrush or other illness transmitted via contact, such that additional stripping can be performed on the nappies. Cottontail will also not be held responsible for any illness a child has.

f. Cottontail will regularly inspect Service Kits for any sign of overuse, wear, tear or damage and will replace any articles that show normal signs of wear. Any article suspected to be damaged through misuse or recklessness will be charged to the Customer.

g. Cottontaili not be responsible for loss of or damage to any personal or non-cleanable items left in the Cottontail Wet Bags or Nappy Pail.

h. Cottontail will provide the first roll of flushable liners which will require the Customer to assemble in the nappies. Customers are required to use nappy liners at all times during their Service Period. Subsequent liners must be purchased and continue to be used on Cottontail's nappies.

i. Cottontail reserves the right to charge the Customer for extra cleaning services required if the nappies are returned containing “solid” matter. It is a condition of the service agreement that the Customer will remove solid matter from the nappies before leaving them out for collection. Customers who return nappies full of solid matter will be charged a loading of 50% of the weekly service fee.

j. Cottontail reserves the right to refuse cleaning any set of nappies and will charge the Customer for the cost of nappies deemed to be unsanitary after two previous written warnings regarding the non-removal of solid matter.

k. Cottontail does not guarantee the removal of all stains, although every effort will be made to do so.

l. The Customer agrees that they must not use zinc or petroleum based rash cream on any hired nappies. A list of alternative products will be given to customer.

a. We do not offer a cooling off period however if you experience any difficulties, simply contact our friendly team on info@cottontailservice.com.au. A Cottontail team member will contact you to discuss your concerns. Please refer to our Refund section 9, here for more information.

a. In the event that there are any unpaid Service Fees due and Customer does not pay within 5 working days upon demand by Cottontail, Cottontail may terminate this Agreement and may initiate legal proceedings against Customer for the full amount due for the entire Term and collect reasonable attorney's fees and costs. Interest will accrue on any unpaid balance at 10% per month.

b. All leased products provided by Cottontail remain the sole property of Cottontail.

c. If a Customer wishes to suspend or terminate their service contract with Cottontail, all materials from the leased Service Kits must be returned to Cottontail.

d. Any materials missing or unaccounted for will be charged to the Customer before the contract is deemed to be terminated.

e. Should a Customer be under contract with Cottontail, the Customer will be liable for the full amount remaining on the contract with Cottontail if they terminate the contract prior to the contract termination date.

f. The Customer must provide Cottontail at least 7 days notice from the next scheduled Pick-Up Day in writing prior to termination or suspension of their services.

g. Cottontail reserves the right to suspend or terminate its services at any time with or without prior notice to the Customer. Cottontail will endeavour to give the Customer reasonable notice in the case of suspending or terminating their services to the Customer.

a. A temporary service hold of service can be given and  will be executed during periods of a Customer's holiday period, vacation period etc and the Customer will be issued with a Service Period Noted Credit. Details of the new Renewal Date for the Customer will be communicated in writing by the Customer.

b. A service termination by the customer will be executed and the Customer will be issued with an Instore Service Credit to the value remaining. 

b. Requests for suspension/refund outside of these terms may be executed however the client will forfeit their service for that period.

a. Cottontail or its associates will deliver modern cloth nappies to and from a wash/dry/fold service of Cottontail choice, currently Cotton Tree Laundry are supporters.

b. Cottontail reserves the right to utilize any outsourcer, vendor, or outside service provider, for any service, at its sole discretion without notice to Customer. Customer may not transfer this agreement.

a. Cottontail will only use the Customer’s personal information for the purpose of administering their Services to the Customer. 

b. Cottontail will not share the Customer’s personal information without the written consent of the Customer unless required to do so by law.

a. Cottontail’s liability under this agreement shall be limited to general money damages in an amount not to exceed the charges for the term of service paid by Customer in the term under which the damages are alleged to have occurred. The preceding statement of liability shall be the extent of Cottontail’s liability regardless of the form in which any legal or equitable action may be brought and the foregoing shall constitute Customer's exclusive remedy.

b. In no event will Cottontail be held liable or be responsible for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental, or punitive loss or damages whether or not Cottontail knew or should have known of the likelihood of any loss or damages. Cottontail disclaims all warranties express or implied with respect to the services rendered under this agreement.

This agreement and any documents referred to herein constitute the complete, exclusive, and entire agreement between the parties, may not be modified except in writing signed by both parties; and shall be governed by Australian Federal law, with venue and jurisdiction proper in the place where services were provided.

By electing to commence or continue a hire service with Cottontail Nappy Service Pty Ltd, the Customer agrees to abide by all Terms and Conditions outlined above in paragraphs 1 –12.